Top 10 Haunted Places in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the home of entertainment, the beach, and even some specters that haunt some places that might make you feel like you’re in a classic horror movie. The place is known as the “City of Angels” might be filled to the brim with the ghosts of ages past. Especially those who have once graced the silver screen or even your TV screen at home. This city is the second-largest in the United States with a population of nearly 4 million inhabitants. While parts of southern California were claimed by the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Caballo in the 1500s, Los Angeles was not established as a city until 1835.

Today, the city is best known for the bright lights, big stars, and the Walk of Fame that pays homage to many who have made a name for themselves in entertainment. But is there a spirit of some celebrity hanging around their start? We will take a look at the top ten haunted places that will be interesting to those who plan on visiting Los Angeles in the not so distant future. With that said, off we go:

10. Hollywood Forever Cemetery


First on the list is the cemetery that is the final resting place of many celebrities. Among them are voice actor Mel Blanc (Looney Toons), Fay Wray of King Kong fame, and many others. It might be a game of “you name it, they’re probably here”. One of the known hauntings that most visitors have recounted was the sound of a woman crying by the lake that is located on the grounds of the cemetery. Some have said that the woman may have been that of Virginia Rappe. Rappe was a silent film actress who passed away in 1921. Her death was said to be linked to a fellow film actor named Fatty Arbuckle. While Arbuckle was cleared in the connection of her death, some historians beg to differ.

Many visitors have often found figures and apparitions milling around the cemetery grounds, with most of them wearing clothing from the periods of when they were still alive. So it may not be unusual to see a specter dressed like they were from the 1950s.

9. Hollywood Pacific Theatre


The Hollywood Pacific Theatre is one of the scores of movie theatres that you’ll find along the famous Walk of Fame. It was also the supposed site for the world premiere of “The Jazz Singer”, the first-ever talking motion picture starring Al Jolson. Before it was renamed the “Hollywood Pacific”, it was known as the Warner Bros. Theatre. Sam Warner was hoping that the theatre would be completed in time for the film premiere. When the deadline failed, it was moved to New York. Warner died before The Jazz Singer was ever premiered.

Given the interesting series of events, it might have been Warner’s death that might have placed some kind of curse on this theatre. It should be no surprise that Warner’s spirit might be hanging around the lobby of the theatre while it was still open. It remains a sight to be seen after being named a historic monument by the City of Los Angeles in 1993.

8. Wonderland House Murders


The Wonderland House murders involved a famous adult film star named John Holmes. This was the site where Holmes was involved in a homicide that left four assumed drug dealers dead. The dealers broke into the home as part of retaliation for Holmes’ involvement of breaking into and robbing Eddie Nash, the drug kingpin who employed the four victims to do his dirty work.

Holmes was not directly responsible for the homicides. But as of today, the case remains unsolved with no leads in regards to who may have killed the four. Holmes died seven years after the Wonderland murders took place. It may be anyone’s guess as to may be haunting the home or even the grounds nearby. But this house will forever be remembered as a place where one of the most gruesome murders took place in the city’s history.

7. Sanders House


What if the house that is famous for appearing in the music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was actually haunted? Sure enough, it just might be. The Victorian-style home was built in 1887 and was owned by a warehouse owner named Michael Sanders. While there have been no known hauntings to those who have visited the house, it has served as a wildly popular destination around Halloween time. But it will forever be the place where the King of Pop himself danced with zombies.

6. The Old Zoo at Griffith Park


A lot of people who may have heard or seen spirits will describe them as a man, woman, or child. But not every spirit might be of human form. The Old Zoo located in Griffith Park might be such a place where the spirits of even unhappy captive animals may be heard or possibly seen at night. By the daytime, it’s a really popular picnic area where friends and family can hang out and enjoy the day.

This was the first-ever zoo to be established in Los Angeles. And it was home to many lions, bears, monkeys, and several other animals. If you want to check out a place at night they might not be a walk in the park for the faint-hearted, this could be something to check out.

5. Linda Vista Hospital


Since 1991, the Linda Vista hospital was abandoned. But it was a popular location for many paranormal and ghost enthusiasts alike. The building was constructed in 1937 (with the hospital relocating from its original 1904 location). Though it was converted into an apartment building recently, it remains to be seen if some hauntings still occur. Even before the conversion, some of the intrepid ghost explorers would often see the spirits in the lobby and hallways of the hospital.

If you were a fan of the paranormal activity shows, odds are you may have seen the inside of this place without stepping foot inside yourself.

4. “The Entity” House


The 1981 horror movie “The Entity” was based on what may have been the repeated assaults of a woman named Doris Bither. Even after the Bither family moved out of the home, it was said that the forces that housed the poltergeists followed them to their new home. Bither claimed to have been assaulted and raped by three spirits one night in 1974 (despite living with her four sons at the time of the incident). Even while residing in the home, it was said to have been condemned twice due to severe disrepair.

3. Boris Karloff’s Rose Garden


Boris Karloff was a famous actor who starred mostly in horror films. While he wasn’t spending time scaring a lot of movie-goers with his famous roles, he was tending to his garden at home. In fact, he had quite the green thumb. Legend has it that Karloff has even willed to his friends a spot in his garden. More specifically, if his friends were to die and be cremated, they were given a place to have their ashes scattered.

So it may come as no surprised that the hallowed and beloved garden of one of the greatest actors ever in the horror genre may have set the stage for what could be a horror show in real life.

2. Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle



Even in the trendy neighborhood of Beverly Hills, there’s always a place that has some kind of strange presence. This part of 90210 is no stranger to some weird things. Billionaire and aviation enthusiast Howard Hughes was said to have crashed into a few homes in the neighborhood. Fortunately, Hughes survived the crash. However, this area was also the site of a couple of high-profile homicides. One of them was the murder of Bugsy Siegel in 1947. Nearly sixty years later, a Hollywood publicist named Ronni Chasen was shot while driving in her car. She later died shortly afterward when she collided into a light pole as she attempted to flee the scene.

Over the years, some celebrities who came across this part of LA often found themselves in weird, if not, near-death situations. One such case was when musician Jan Berry of the 1960s group Jan and Dean was nearly killed in a car crash while driving and turning a sharp curve.

1. Bela Lugosi’s Apartment


Bela Lugosi was another one of the acting greats in the horror film genre. For those that don’t know, his famous role was Dracula. It was known that Lugosi would always visit his favorite cigar shop every day on Hollywood Boulevard. When he died, the mortician could not have told a crazy story like the one of what happened while driving Lugosi’s body to the funeral home. While driving down Hollywood Boulevard, the mortician lost control of the hearse. He regained control by the time he reached the cigar shop where Lugosi was a fixture.

Some have said that Lugosi’s spirit may have played a role in that apparent incident. Possibly as a way to say goodbye to the place that he called home for much of his acting career.