Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle

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Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle - Photo

You will find Beverly Hills between Los Angeles and West Hollywood. This was formerly a humble lima bean ranch run by the Spanish in the early part of the 1900s. Since then, the cities have been glamorized and blossoming. Since this, Beverly Hills has been known as a place where movie stars and models live. It has been the image of opulence and wealth. You can see numerous palm trees, stars, and sun. However, there is a deeper part of this beautiful place. It is a place that is believed to be infused with insidious and dark forces. It is said that these forces will lash out and claim victims.



You wouldn’t suspect that the small area that is between North Linden Dr. And North Whittier Dr is anything but the ordinary. This area looks like any other part of Beverly Hills. It is upscale and high-class. You will notice luxurious houses and cars. This is the area you would want to see yourself living in. (That is if you can afford millions of dollars for a home.) However, this corner of the city has a long streak of freak accidents, tragedies, and murders. These have all happened in this small area is not just a coincidence anymore. People believe that this area is cursed.

It is believed that the evil of this place had started back in 1946.  It was in this year that Howard Hughes took off in his plane. He was a billionaire, filmmaker, and aviator. He was well-known for many things. He took his plane, XF-11, on a flight over the LA area. Hughes was known for being a veteran pilot. He knew what he was doing. This was just like any other flight, a routine flight. However, when he had approached the area over Beverly Hills, he had experienced some troubles with the engine. He had decided to do an emergency landing at a country club. However, despite all his knowledge with planes, he could not get to the club. He instead would come crashing down. The plane had crashed into several houses on Whittier Drive. Hughes had survived this accident, however, he suffered severe injuries. These injuries would haunt him through the rest of his life. Some burns had scared him severely. It was very unusual that such an experienced pilot would just fall out of the sky into a residential area.

Hughes survived this accident, however, the next accident at this scene would be more tragic. In 1947, the year after the crash, there was a violent death. This was the death of an infamous gangster, Bugsy. You may also know him as Benjamin Siegel. Benjamin was one of the most feared mob kings of the era. He was a founding member, as well as a leader, of the organized group, Murder Inc. He was also a very active participant in bootlegging during the Prohibition era. He was charming and handsome. He was considered a celebrity gangster because he was high-profile. However, he did have many enemies all over.


It was a June day in 1947. June 20th to be exact. Bugsy was at home in Beverly Hills just reading his newspaper. He was with his girlfriend at the time, Virginia Hill. It was at this time that someone had decided to open-fire from the outside of the home. Someone was shooting into the house from the sidewalk/street. There were nine bullets and five of them had hit Bugsy. Two of them had hit him in the head. It had blown the eye out of the socket. He was dead the moment he was shot in the head. The person responsible escaped and was never found. To this day, this murder remains a mystery.

For a few decades, the “curse” would not strike again. However, in 1966, another tragedy struck. Two men, Dean Ormsby Torrence and Jan Berry who were known as Jan and Dean, a music duo, would fall victim to the curse. It was the twelfth of April when Jan Berry was taking a drive. He was driving to a business that wasn’t far from the Dead Man’s Curve located on Whittier Drive. Jan was driving his corvette at very high speeds. He had struck a parked vehicle at full speed. He had severe head trauma that caused him to be in a coma for two months. He did survive the incident; however, he has injuries that left him not quite the same. He was disabled. He had paralysis of the right arm. This incident took place within a block of where the other two incidents occurred.

In more recent times, there was the mysterious death of a publicist. Ronni Sue Chasen was representing many big names in Hollywood. However, on the sixteenth of November in 2010, tragedy would strike. She was driving home from a premiere film and was passing Whittier and Sunset corner. At this corner, she was shot. The person shooting was never identified. She would not die from the shots but the crash that followed. To escape the gunfire, she would hit the gas pedal. She then had crashed the vehicle into a streetlight. The wreck of the car sits just across where the other accidents and tragedies had occurred.


There aren’t any ghosts or spirits hanging around the Bermuda Triangle of Beverly Hills, however, there is a lot of other issues. Psychics have visited the area and found that there is a lot of negative energy around the spot. They have also stated that there is a lot of despair and pain. This area wreaks with suffering. This triangle is full of negative energy that radiates to those around the area. It is said that walking in this space gives you a sense of anger or sadness. People who go to this place may also feel confused. It is said by the psychics that confusion is very present in this area.  It is said that something about this place draws tragedy while others say it is just a freak coincidence.

However, it is very odd that there are so many unsolved murders and freak accidents that it sometimes points to something more. Some of the tragedies that occurred in this area are some of the worst ones in the country. Plus, they are some of the highest-profile tragedies in the history of Beverly Hills. It is a little strange that all these accidents and tragedies occur in the same spot. It may just be a dark coincidence; however, it could be something more.


While there are many different tragedies surrounding the Bermuda Triangle of Beverly Hills, it is not known for sure if there is paranormal activity or dark energy around this area. However, it is a bit strange that all these deaths and unsolved murders have occurred here. Not to mention, the freak accidents that have seemed to happen out of nowhere.

Psychics have been to the area and stated they feel a lot of negative energy. There are also a lot of paranormal investigators at this spot as well. They both have stated that when they are in this area, there is an overwhelming sense of negative energy. Plus, they have also stated that there is a tremendous amount of suffering and pain. Those who go near the area may experience this pain and negativity as well.

Many people believe that it is just a dark coincidence. However, some people believe there is something sinister occurring at the Bermuda Triangle in Beverly Hills. Take a visit for yourself and you decide. Just be warned, you may experience confusion, anger, or sadness. This is common for those who have visited the area. Decide for yourself if it is just a coincidence or if you suspect something more is happening.