Tour Preview

We want your tour to be a thrilling, surprising experience, so we won’t spoil our routes here. But if you’re trying to get an idea of which haunted places the LA ghost tour includes, here’s a peek:

What's on my ghost tour?

El Capitan Theater

The original El Capitan Theatre, built in 1926, wasn’t originally meant to show movies. However, over the years it attracted big name performers like Clark Gable, Gertrude Lawrence, and Jack Buchanan. Hit hard by the depression in the 30s, the theater owners tried everything they could to get people to buy tickets. No matter what Paramount or Disney tried, the results were tragic. After multiple suicides by managers and employees, the mysterious hauntings began, and never ended…

The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is perhaps the oddest stop on this tour. Originally built as a gorgeous chateau-style mansion for prominent businessman Rollin B. Lane back in 1909, the building currently acts as the exclusive clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. As you might have guessed, a building so closely linked to magic and the mystical arts also has its fair share of hauntings and ghostly sightings, including the ghost of the original owner, Rollin B. Lane, who wanders the halls of his castle, not really bothering anybody…but, he’s not alone and some of his companions aren’t so nice to intruders!

The Egyptian Theater Hollywood - Extended Tour Exclusive

Completing the trifecta of Grauman’s themed theaters on this tour along with the El Capitan and the Chinese theater, the Egyptian Theatre was actually the first of the three to be built in 1922. As the saying goes, every opera has a phantom, and every theater has a ghost. This is certainly true of the Egyptian. During the renovations, just as it had during the El Capitan, the contractors would often complain of someone messing with their tools, or hiding them and undoing work they had already done. Even the ghost of Sid Grauman is rumored to sometimes attend screenings, and clap loudly as the credits roll…