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Our Los Angeles Ghost Tour Digs Deep

As you walk through Hollywood’s golden age, you will not only learn more about the historical building and sights the city has to offer, but you will find yourself experiencing Tinsel Town’s paranormal history in vivid detail. You will walk in the footsteps of celebrities and industry luminaries who have long since left this mortal coil, only to come back in some other form.

The haunted sites include the world-renowned TCL Chinese Theatre, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and several other haunted and historical locations.

Our ghost tour guides will take you through the dramatic and unbelievable true stories that make up this city’s most compelling supernatural encounters, including the tragic hauntings of 1940s film stars and a certain famous blonde bombshell.

Suicide, murder, obsession, and dashed dreams all add up to some of the most compelling and strange stories about Hollywood you will ever hear.

Experience Los Angeles’ Terrifying Past

Despite Los Angeles’ sunny and warm reputation, do not be surprised if you feel a chill during your tour.  Each location is guaranteed to make you think twice about turning off your lights at night.

We aren’t taking you to the same old tourist trap locations. Our carefully curated set of locations deliver the most compelling and oddest historical ghost stories that will satisfy your interest in the past while revealing some difficult truths about the present.

After our tour, you will never watch another movie the same way again.

Los Angeles Ghost Tours Offers Something for Everyone

Whether you are interested in Hollywood history or you are simply looking to connect with a different plane, Los Angeles Ghost Tours offers a detailed look at a bygone era of American entertainment history that includes more than a little terror.

The veneer of glamorous Hollywood celebrity culture hides a frightening and seedy side of Los Angeles that most people never see. Not everyone can make it when they follow their dreams, and the city of angels is full of stories of tragedy and unrealized potential.

Although the country’s second largest city, and California’s most populous city, is undoubtedly a diverse and sunny coastal destination, that belies the eeriness seeping into every corner of the city’s history.

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  • Remain calm.

    If you panic, you could scare off the very spirits you’re trying to detect. Or worse, you could injure yourself.

  • Be polite.

    These spirits have haunted these grounds for some time. Most of them have shockingly gruesome origin stories. And, they’re human. They deserve your respect. If you are making the effort to communicate with them, keep in mind they may not be aware they are dead. Showing gratitude and respect is paramount, not only to effective communication, but for safety reasons as well.

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    Whatever power they have over the physical world, you don’t want to bring it down on yourself or your group. This is not a joke.

  • Stay together.

    Never, ever wander off alone, for any reason. We use the buddy system here. Two is one and one is none.

  • Watch your step.

    Our investigations happen in dark, low-visibility environments. It’s easy to trip or fall if you’re not careful.

We’re going to let our LA Ghosts tour guests do most of the talking.

You can read their experiences at LA Ghosts in the reviews belowABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC TOUR , and even see how many stars they rate our tours with.

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I have never been on a walking tour before or a ghost tour but I can say that this one was super fun...
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October 14, 2019

My family had so much fun! It was a very unique look at LA that you cannot get on any other tour (I ...
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