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The Sanders House may look like one of the more ordinary old school homes that represent a time of ages past in Los Angeles. After more than 140 years, the home still stands today at its original location. However, too many music enthusiasts (including those of a certain world-famous pop artist) it’s the house that many around the world may still be flocking to. Could it be because it was haunted? Or could it have been the sight of one of the best music videos of all time? We will talk about the Sanders House and determine whether or not if it’s haunted despite its claim to fame as being a so-called haunted house in a music video that can still be watched over and over again online. And if you dare visit, what sort of discoveries will you find there?



The Sanders House is located on 1345 Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The house was said to be built around the 1870s and was first occupied by a businessman named Michael Sanders. Sanders owned numerous warehouses in Los Angeles that had often been used for the purpose of importing and exporting. The house was built as a replacement home for a house that had previously been left abandoned and dilapidated. While the home had appeared to have been rebuilt, some of the trees that have been planted well before the old house had been torn down still remain in place.

The home was later converted into a duplex home. As of today, it isn’t known who may be residing inside the home or whether or not if it’s still being used for filming. But to note, almost every home that is in the same neighborhood as the Sanders House is considered to be an important city landmark. On February 3, 1971, the Sanders House along with many other houses on the same stretch of road were named landmarks by the city of Los Angeles. The 1300 block of Carroll Avenue was named a National Landmark in 1976. While the entire block is a frequent place where many movies, shows, and even music videos were being filmed the Sanders House was the sight of one of the most famous music videos of all time.

The Filming Of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”


The Sanders House would forever be known as the “Thriller” house after world-famous pop star Michael Jackson filmed the music video for his #1 Thriller in 1984. The music video is probably the most recognizable and perhaps more unforgettable video of all time. If you remember watching it and seeing The King of Pop dance with zombies and hearing the monologue and hair raising laughs coming from horror film legend Vincent Price, you know that it was a video that was quite “haunting” to say the least. However, because of the music video itself, the house has become a permanent fixture among the many places to see in Los Angeles. However, the Thriller music video was not the only filming that the Sanders House would witness. Even years after Thriller took the world by storm, the house served as one of the filming locations for the 1989 movie “Teen Wolf”. Later on, the TV show Charmed filmed a couple of scenes of one episode inside the house itself. This house may have been considered to be one of the ideal places to shoot a few scenes for a horror-themed TV show or film, the mystery remains as to whether or not if the house itself is actually haunted even without the film crews present.

Is It Really That Haunted?


The question that has been on everyone’s mind is whether or not if the Sanders House (or the “Thriller” house) is absolutely, positively haunted. While the house itself isn’t considered to be haunted, it does have that creepy, haunted look that was enough for music and video producers to set up shop and film a music video that is perhaps one of the most-watched on YouTube today. However, don’t let the fact that the Sanders House not being haunted discourage you. In fact, the long line of homes situated in the Angelino Heights neighborhood is said to be haunted themselves (given the fact that many of the Victorian era homes have that haunted house look as well). If anything, the neighborhood is said to be a popular place to visit around Halloween time. Trick or Treaters alike have been known to visit the neighborhood to fill their bags and buckets to the brim with candy and all kinds of goodies. So the haunted look gives it that traditional Halloween look.

But which houses are actually haunted and worth checking out? It is said that one house located on Carroll Avenue was said to be haunted for many years until one family moved into it about thirty years ago. It wasn’t long after when the unidentified homeowner began hearing random noises and seeing the flickering of lights. He claimed that the spirits had gone away after he apparently scolded them and told them to stop with the nonsense. Since then, no hauntings were said to occur. This is said to be the only documented haunting of what may have occurred on Carrol Avenue. But only time will tell of whether or not any hauntings may occur. After all, the homes on Carroll Avenue were all old Victorian-style homes. People may have died in those homes and their spirits may remain. But that might just add on to the excitement factor for those who venture out in the neighborhood at night, even when it’s Halloween.

Is The House (Or Carroll Avenue) Worth Visiting?

To give you a short answer: yes. Despite the fact that you probably won’t be able to see any ghosts (other than Halloween decorations assuming you visit there around that time), you’ll be able to see the homes that stand out and look like you’re in an old school horror film. But don’t let that disappoint you. Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States. And it covers a good amount of real estate in terms of land. And in a big city like LA, you are bound to find a ton of haunted places that have stories of why they might be haunted in the first place. If you want a real haunting experience be it on Halloween or any other day, check out the Carroll Avenue neighborhood before venturing out into other parts of the city. Don’t let the paranormal adventures be limited to a neighborhood known for its haunted-looking homes.


The Sanders House and even the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue might be a place worth visiting while you are in Los Angeles. Compared to some of the other attractions in the area, this one, in particular, may not be as crowded with tourists. It’s a great place to check out on Halloween if you are in the Los Angeles area. But on any given day, it’s a great place to check out even if you are a haunted house fanatic. Don’t be surprised by the time you leave the neighborhood that you are still up for more haunted adventures in the city. There may be some ghost tours you can check out if you are visiting the city. Be sure to check those out without having to fight the freeway traffic. There are plenty of paranormal adventures that you are bound to find in Los Angeles. If you live in the area, you may be surprised about a few places you never knew they were haunted.