Bela Lugosi’s Apartment

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Bela Lugosi’s Apartment - Photo

Bela Lugosi was born on October 20, 1882. He passed away on August 16, 1956. His real name was Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko. However, his professional name was Bela Lugosi. He was a Hungarian-American who is best known for playing Count Dracula in 1921. He has played many other roles in different horror films as well.


The Woman with Yellow Eyes

Bela Lugosi was a star after the movie Dracula had opened. The subheading of the movie went like this, ‘the strangest passion known to man’. Bela had played Dracula. However, it was more of a burden than anything. It was a burden in his professional and personal life. However, underneath the star, there was a mysterious woman. Bela Lugosi was haunted by a woman who had yellow eyes. This woman first appeared in 1929.

Keep in mind that this haunting did not start in America, but rather in Abazia. This is where he had met a woman named Hedy. It was this woman who had entered his life four separate times. She had made Bela her sex slave. It was in 1932 that Bela claimed he would never marry again because of this woman with yellow eyes. He was only 32 when he had met this woman. However, when he looked into her eyes, he felt a shock. He stated it was impossible to describe the feeling. It was a shot of fire and ecstasy. After he looked into her eyes, they were in each other’s arms.

Bela described the woman like this, she was an actress whose age could not be determined. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman. She had pale brown hair and her skin was also very pale. However, the skin would sometimes turn blood red when she would eat. The woman’s mouth was thin and her teeth tiny and pointed. Men had feared this woman but went to her at her command. Many husbands left their wives because of this woman.

The romance lasted three weeks. Lugosi went to run errands and when he returned, all her stuff was gone. Her belongings were nowhere to be seen. She simply vanished into the night without a trace. She did leave a note for Bela. The note stated that they may never see each other again, however, he is always hers.

After she left, Bela had searched and searched for her. He wouldn’t eat for weeks and was having difficulty sleeping. He states that he was mad and crazy. It wasn’t until he was called to serve in the Great War that he was saved. He was successful in the army. He ranked 2nd Lieutenant. He was wounded twice and sed to Budapest during the recovery times.

IIona Szmik

It was in Budapest where he was recovering that he had met his first wife. Her name was IIona Szmik. It was after Armistice in the year 1918 that the couple returned to Royal National theater. He stated that they were happy and no one could be happier. He returned to work with a newfound sense of enthusiasm. He was sure this was the one and his future was saved.

However, he soon found out it wasn’t meant to be. Right before he was about to get on stage the woman with yellow eyes had appeared. Bela stated that as soon as the curtain opened, something was wrong. He stated he was not himself and he forgot the lines. He stated that he was almost like a dummy. He stared into the front row and that is where he saw her. The eyes of this woman were glowing. When Bela looked into her eyes, something happened. He was then able to finish the play. He hurried to the dressing room and she was nowhere to be found.

He then proceeded to find this woman again. His marriage crumbled. It seemed as if the woman enchanted him. He again searched desperately to no avail. He thought about her night after night. He would lie awake trying to solve this mystery. It was at this point that he never saw his wife again. They divorced in 1920.


It was after Bela Kuhn uprising failed that he had found his way into America. He was a political refugee. Bela was losing weight and not sleeping. Many other men had died and withered away before his eyes. It was a curse that people were talking about. It was Bela’s mother that forced him to leave the country and not to return until no man had spoken of this woman again.

While the man was in America, he formed a group of people from Hungary. They would tour different cities and targeted Hungarian audiences. Bela had married again. However, Hedy, the yellow-eyed woman, appeared. The marriage crumbled quickly. It was after one of his shows that Hedy was waiting for Bela. She spoke in a very deep voice. She stated that even though he came across the waters, he would not escape her powers. She also stated that there should not be a third wife. She said to let the woman he married go.


Many people know that Bela Lugosi wanted to be buried wearing his tuxedo, cape, and his Dracula ring. This is because he was known for his career in movies. However, no movie was ever as famous as Dracula. In 1927, Bela made his way from Hungary to America. He had opened up on Broadway in the play Dracula. He had performed as Dracula 265 times. It wasn’t until 1931 that he starred in the film version.

He had only made about five hundred dollars a week. They shot for several weeks. Keep in mind that five hundred dollars was a low amount of money even for the times. However, Dracula had made Bela a star. He would continue to star in many movies. Most of the movies were horrible, however, some turned out to be good. The good ones are remembered to this day.

Bela’s Death

Bela had a career like a rollercoaster. There were downs and ups. He was also addicted to morphine after he had been injured in World War I. However, he kicked this addiction. It was in 1956 that he died in his home. He died in bed of a heart attack. This death occurred on August 18th. However, that isn’t the last that you will hear of Bela.

There are a few strange stories connected to his burial. Lugosi had a funeral procession. It would go towards the cemetery in Culver City. However, the horses that were carrying the coffin had started to fight the driver. The driver wanted the horses to go right, however, the horses drew the hearse to the left. The horses went through oncoming traffic and down the boulevard. Turns out, Lugosi had gone daily to buy cigars and read the newspaper on Hollywood Boulevard. The horses stopped right in front of the shop that he frequented. No one would ever be able to explain this situation.

It is said that Bela haunts the apartment that he lived in to this day. He is said to haunt the house in which he died. Many people have come and gone from the house in which he lived. People state that there is an eerie feeling in the house. People also state that they feel like they are being watched while they sleep. One owner even stated that items were rearranged while he was sleeping, however, he never heard anything move. One thing is for sure, Dracula is gone, but not forgotten. It seems like he refuses to let his spirit die.


Many people know about the home and that his home is haunted, however, he was haunted, by a woman that never left him alone. Many people conclude that the woman in black is the reason that his spirit still remains with us today.